Want to get the best grocery deals WITHOUT doing the annoying work of checking each store individually in the newspaper, online or even calling them? Of course you do! Anything that can help us save money conveniently is awesome, and so is Favado!

Favado, available in the iOS App Store and Google Play, is a mobile app that helps you save money with your monthly, or even weekly, grocery shopping by notifying you when your favorite products are on sale. The Favado team hand-picks coupons and sales each week for more than 65,000 drugstores and grocery stores across the U.S., bringing you up to 70% off on everyday items.

App Features

Favado has several features that help you spend less at the grocery store:

  • price comparisons between local stores
  • search for deals on the items you need
  • personalization, so you see the deals you want to see
  • a shopping list, complete with available coupons and sharing options
  • sale details, including available coupons and sale prices
  • hand-selected, weekly-inputted sale information put together by Favado’s top grocery store experts

Secret Sales & Redeeming Coupons

Just the normal everyday deals are not the only thing Favado can notify you of. You’ll also get information about secret sales that you may not have gotten normally. Depending on the type of deal, you may get coupons that you’ll need to redeem.

To redeem coupons, you add the items you want to your shopping list, email yourself your shopping list and then any printable coupons that go with the sales may be printed from your home computer. Unfortunately, you can’t redeem coupons by just showing your phone to the cashier, but Favado is currently working on exclusive digital coupons that you will be able to redeem with your phone (we can’t wait!).

Great Will Get Even Better! Favado is already a fantastic savings app and it can only get better. No one should have to pay an arm and a leg or sacrifice quality to feed their family. Now you don’t have worry!